Revealed: Five of Community

Five of Community

Macro photo of red leaf stranded on stone beside water. Gratitude Tarot card Five of Community: I no longer know if you see me, if you remember me.

stranded on grief’s shore
      alone       surrounds me
            its thick nothingness


                  the life I dreamt of

                you are there


      on the other side
of the g a p i n g chasm

                  I no longer know
            if you see me
      if you remember me

the flow of you

      ripples by
            nudging those outer edges
                  just beyond my       view

                        what tethers me to this place
                what holds me inside this

darkened aching hole

                        if my sadness
              released from my grip
      would fly into its freedom

I could swim back

to your embrace

There is isolation in grief and loss. Notice the richness of 
your soul-family, ready to receive you as you release your sadness.

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  1. Tracie Nichols November 24, 2012 at 12:16 pm #

    exquisite Teresa. the aching, the yearning, and the coming home to soul-family all speak to me. thank you…. and now I’ll dive into the richness of the links 🙂

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