Revealed: Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Macro photo of lavender and creamy yellow hosta flower. Gratitude Tarot card Wheel of Fortune: nestled between its befores & afters, now is one thread

from deep within this moment
                        there is only this moment
                  unique in its texture
            its light
      its flavour

yet nestled between
                  its befores and afters


                  is merely one thread
                              in the weave of an intricate pattern

life cycles through me
            and I through it
                                    my heart following
                                                                  in ups
                                and all arounds

held in my heart

                  coloured with the lens of awareness
            kindness lights the mystery

                        the sacred and mundane
            the light and shadow
with the golden threads
                            of acceptance

as before so also now

this too shall pass

Life cycles through us in her own pattern, her repeated seasons. Let the flow 
of life be eased with your steady attention to Thankfulness and Kindness.

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