My Muse Camp Post – Using Those Spiritual Tools

When I am consistently in the flow of Gratitude, decisions and forward action come easy. There is no conflict, no holding back. All of it is beautiful, energetic excitement.

But my human-ness stands in the way. My default to worry, my uncertainty, my not knowing.

The Magician Gratitude Tarot Pendulum, custom and intuitively made by Butterfly Shaman Teresa DeakTell me you feel this way sometimes too?

Sometimes it stops me cold – long before I need a rest – sometimes before I have even begun.

It doesn’t feel lush and rejuvenating like true rest does. No, it feels off balance and awkward.

When I try to think my way out of it, the thoughts weigh me down even more. Thinking isn’t the solution.

But there must be a way to ease this? There must be a way to get back to flow?

And of course, there is.

There are many.

And choosing one brings me right back to the same stuck of worry and not knowing…

That’s just the beginning of my blog post over at Muse Camp. Click here to read the rest.

Why do I have a blog post at Muse Camp? Because I’m one of the featured speakers this week! My call is on July 9 – so sign up today to make sure you don’t miss it! It’s free!

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