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It's the #MondayMandala with layers of essence: Spiritual with Butterflies on shimmers of Peacock. All photographs and images created by Teresa Deak.

Busy or Spiritual? It Isn’t Either/Or – You Are A Spiritual Being

You are busy. Too busy to devote a lot of time to your spiritual journey. Not a problem. You are a spiritual being. Use butterfly touches to nourish your soul. Teresa Deak can help with that.

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Just like the light, the fallen down and decayed is also sacred. Everything is sacred.

Of Butterflies and Taxes; Accepting the Sacredness Of Everything

After digging out from a difficult task, there is light and realization. In the sacredness of everything, taxes stand beside butterflies. A sacred rite.

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Butterfly Resonance Image: macro photo of double petal purple and yellow iris.

Where Do I Belong? With Your Heart

Writer-artist-healer and not. I am a Butterfly Shaman. I belong with your heart, Dear One, when you need someone to hold your heart.

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