Rock My New Thing – The Reveal

I’m having one of those days.The doggies love to get me outside over and over and over every day - even when I'm trying to get work done!

Let me rephrase that.

I was having one of those days.

With a long task list and an interruption to match every moment of focus, I wasn’t making much forward progress.

And this is progress I really want to make.

Because today I get to tell you about my new thing!

The thing is, the words were not coming.

The blank page mocked me, the sunshine distracted me, and my doggies wanted outside over and over and over again.

Just when I’d think I was ready to start this, off I would go in another direction.

My butterfly rocking with the Blue Fluorite while its essence helps me get this blog post written.And then I set my butterfly with the Blue Fluorite.

What better way to write the revelation of Rock The Butterfly Essence than to use it on myself!

Each of the crystals offers their own unique essence, in nuanced variations that help us exactly as we most need.

For myself, I was drawn to the Blue Fluorite again for its energetic encouragement to let creativity and intuition just flow.

In words, in pictures, in planning.

It’s a powerhouse for me – and it feels soft and gently uplifting, too.

Yay! The words are coming!

And I’m thanking that lovely gentle shift that Rock The Butterfly Essence has given me.

Of course, now you might be wondering what the heck Rock The Butterfly Essence even is.

Well, let me explain.

Rocks – crystals and stones – have energetic properties that can influence us. Placed in contact with your butterfly – the physical representation of your energy – the essence of these rocks can reach you, even from a distance.

The connection is gentle and unobtrusive. Most often it is either a feeling of calm or of uplifting energy. Frequently it is very subtle, slowly working its way into your heart.

That essence brings a shift for you. It’s a lift or a nudge, whatever you need most to bring the specific type of ease you need.

The best thing about it?

All you need to do is notice.

There’s no need for you to stop what you’re doing or spend a lot of time talking yourself through it. There’s no big actions to take or rituals to perform.

To breathe in ease, it couldn’t get much easier.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty inexpensive, too.

We’ve been testing these sessions – and experiencing beautiful results – over in my Butterfly Rabble group on Facebook for the last month.

We’ve learned that Celestite will help most people sleep if left with their butterfly for more than 3 hours. So daytime sessions with Celestite are always 2 hours or less, and overnights are best for those who can be sleepy until I release their butterfly when I wake up.

We’ve discovered that, even when we think we know the type of essence a crystal has, its effects may be different for each person – and even different depending on their circumstances at the time.

The congregation is ready to rock your butterfly. These are just a few of the rock stars at the ready.We’ve noticed that letting my pendulum do the choosing nearly always feels exactly and completely like the most needed thing in that moment.

We’ve seen the power of these shifts grow even stronger with pendulum-chosen sessions day after day. Five days in a row has made big differences for some of our participants.

I’ve realized that my job here is of a catalyst – to make the energetic connection between you and the crystal, so your essences can work together to become more.

I’ve learned that my congregation of rock stars will continue to grow and I’ll be drawn to bring in exactly the crystals that are meant for us.

With all that has revealed itself so far, I’m staying open to ideas of these sessions changing, expanding and evolving as we are led.

There is no one right way to do this.

Join me for a few moments of ease. Let the crystals flow their essence directly to you.

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