Of Butterflies and Taxes; Accepting the Sacredness Of Everything

I have been buried.

Just like the light, the fallen down and decayed is also sacred. Everything is sacred.
Made worse, perhaps, because the hardness of it was my own doing.

I’ve been so happily working with John and the butterflies and crystals and energy that I let an entire year’s worth of bookkeeping slide.

A whole year!

Twelve months.

That’s a lot of sorting, analyzing, deciding and entering to get done in time for the tax man.

A painful amount!

And here’s the thing.

I did it.

I knuckled down, did only the most necessary of other tasks, and spent a bit over a week doing almost nothing else.

And now, it is in the hands of my accountant.

I’d be dancing the jig and the happy dance already, except for knowing that the financial stuff doesn’t just stop.

It doesn’t end.

Tomorrow, I need to pay our bills.

By next week, I need to submit our quarterly sales taxes. And one of the things I did all last year was estimate these. Poorly.

So, next week I want to close off the year and catch up on the first 3 months of this year.

It seems like small potatoes compared to what I’ve just done.

Somehow, through this all, I think I have channelled grace, been lifted by butterflies, and trusted that all is well and all will be well.

Everything is sacred - both the brilliant light and the mundane.I’m grateful for that.

It seems like this all could have been so much worse!

I’m grateful for the energy, the crystals, and for you. You have helped keep me lifted in the heaviness of this project.

And I see that it is time to shift my approach.

At first I thought I would need to set up rewards for myself: make a plan to get these tasks done by these dates and, when I do, I give myself something wonderful.

But there’s a flaw in that.

My responsibility to get the task done doesn’t change, and neither does my desire to avoid it.

And so I am reminded of one of my beliefs.

Everything is sacred.

Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water.

This I believe.

Not just the illuminated, brilliant moments, but also the mundane.

All sacred.

Now is my time to live it.

Time to live the sacredness of everything.

If I can see this task of managing our money as the sacred right – and the sacred rite – that it truly is, how beautiful can I make the time I spend with it?

This is my goal now. To keep this time and this task as sacred, as connected with the Divine.

As a time to give my brain a different type of exercise.

As a time to be grateful and to plan for more success.

As a time to connect with those I can help, and those who can help me.

This knowing its sacredness will help it to be beautiful.

How can I not look forward to that?

Yes, everything is sacred. Even the taxes.

Is there somewhere you need a shift? Perhaps some time with the Rock Stars will help you, like it has helped me.

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