Butterfly Energy: Ready for Sharing!

As I waited on the old year packing its bags before it walks out the door, I listened carefully. I heard two things: the butterflies want to be shared even more and you have people you want to receive them.

Beautiful! I, and the Butterflies, love sharing!

Before the New Year twirls in on tiptoe, all tutu and frills, Butterfly Whispers are ready to be sent!

Macro photo of brown yellow and black butterflies in action on green leaves: you can share butterfly energy with someone you love by sending Butterfly Whispers!These are a bright gift to share with someone you love, whether to celebrate and thank them, or to help them through a difficult time. Whatever your intention, the Butterflies bring exactly what is needed.

As my Facebook friend Stan Kowalski says:

“There is a natural rhythm to life we all seem to be rediscovering in new, old, wonderful ways. A butterfly – your butterflies – are that momentary pause, that inescapable moment when everything – everything – is clear and perfect.”

And what a perfect time for that pause, isn’t it? That moment between exhaling and inhaling again. That time when there’s nothing new to be started in the year that is ending, and the new year isn’t quite ready for all that we’re going to create.

We want to thank you, the butterflies and I.

You’ve been here, reading and commenting, sharing and believing, right along with us. Thank you! This year has been so much more amazing because of you!

If you have someone to thank, or someone to help, or someone to cheer, maybe sending them Butterfly Whispers is just the right place to start.

Before the last echo of 2012 disappears, tell us one more thing:

What was the most beautiful gift of your year?

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2 Responses to Butterfly Energy: Ready for Sharing!

  1. little light January 1, 2013 at 8:48 am #

    Every gift was the most beautiful…

  2. Janet January 1, 2013 at 1:42 pm #

    It’s difficult to pick a single gift as most beautiful. I truly believe that each day is a gift, particularly as I get older and see more people younger than I in the obituaries….
    I have had many blessings in this past year: a new grandchild, new and deepened friendships, me and my immediate family in good health (or surviving severe health challenges), a stable job which I enjoy (after several challenging years), and most of all, my dear husband who takes care of me, my heart, our son and our home. These are difficult times in our world, but I choose to focus on the beauty and the blessings.
    And, I am so pleased with your Butterfly Whispers page!

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