What does intention have to do with it?

You are made of stars.

Of energy moving through you, moving from you, moving into you.

Of energy connecting me to you and you to the Divine. You are the energy of the Divine.

To work with energy is to touch the stars, to embrace the Divine.

     Sacred.It's all about intention.


It will change you. It will change us.

Connected as we are, both the energy worker and the receiver are changed.

In fact, it started changing me before I realized I was even doing energy work.

It’s those butterflies, again.

Yes, the moment I started working with butterflies, that’s when energy work started for me.

Regardless of how structured the practice was, it was energy work. For myself or for someone I knew who was in need. Actively working with them every day, or calling upon them in only in times of need. Reveling in their abundant colours and shapes, or imagining them in formless thought.

They have been a constant. A tool for healing and cheerleading and helping. A connection with the Divine.

And that connection has been bolstered by yet another powerful energy tool Essence clearing.

The wondrous thing is that these two types of work get along so beautifully even though they are so very different.

Yin and yang, so to speak.

And when used together, they are exponentially more powerful.

How are these types of energy work so different?

It’s all about intention, baby!

Wrapped up in all our loving intention are hopes and expectations and picture of a desired result.

Butterflies are fueled by intention. Their flight is powered by my (or your) well wishes. They arrive in colours either brilliant or delicate, float gently or flutter energetically, they bring whatever you need.

They can be called on for safety or motivation, for calm or confidence, for joy or rest, for anything you can imagine.

Not only fueled by it, Butterflies are intention visualized.

So how is energy clearing different?Butterflies are intention, visualized

At the center of energy clearing is space.

There’s no room here for us to choose the result. Only the energy knows how it needs to flow.

Space for the energy to move exactly the way it needs to in you. In the moment. In the universe.

It requires me to move aside, to hold the space open and to allow the energy to move its own way.

Those who have experienced my Essence clearings have found healing, relief or clarity. They have felt uplifted, calmed or energized.

You may experience some of these things, too. But you may experience something completely different. Because what I do in the clearing is make the space for the energy to do exactly what it needs to.

I need to step outside of my intention, my hopes, my desires, and allow the energy to do what it will.

And neither you, nor I can tell what that will be.

We can only know that it is doing whatever is in best service to you in this moment.

So how can I possibly combine these two powerful, yet very different types of energy work?

By calling the Butterflies in for the big finish.

The final step of an Essence clearing is to ground you. To help tether you back to earth with the energy still flowing through you exactly how it must.

This is when I call on the Butterflies to show themselves to me, to bring forward the power of what you need in their colour and size and way of flying. They show themselves and I bring that vision to you.

Stepping outside of intention to allow intention.

Energy powerfully amplified in the lens of intention.

How is your energy today? Is it ready for a bit more flow? You can experience an Essence clearing: IlluminEssence, GlowEssence or SparkEssence clearing, or gift Butterfly Whispers.

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  1. kelly January 10, 2013 at 8:28 am #

    Energy powerfully amplified in the lens of intention… yes, I love that! xoxo

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