Remembering Diva | Hug Someone You Love Day

It’s here.

Our Diva girl, before she got her fur-angel wings, was all about the love and affection. On the anniversary of her passing we'd like everyone to hug someone. Spread the love. Join the Facebook group. Give a hug. Get a hug. Share a photo of the hug.The anniversary.

The day we decided would forever be a day of love and positivity.

Right now, I feel sadness breathe through me as powerfully as love. The two companions my heart always knows.

The thing is, it was a full year ago that my Diva girl kissed me for the last time before making her way over the Rainbow Bridge.

I still miss her.

Even though I see her messages, feel her here sometimes, feel the warmth of her love in my heart – I miss cuddling with her and letting her lick my face for too long.

Grief is a long and unpredictable journey – heart-wrenching in its downs and heart-opening at its heights.

My Diva teaches me about grief – and love – even now.

She was all that, indeed. Love and beauty wrapped up in a smart two-tone four-legged package.

The night after she passed, she dreamed her message to the world through me. Love Wins, she said. And I have to believe she’s right.

In every moment, in every day, in every interaction – it’s up to each of us to ensure that

Love Wins


So John suggested it last year, and we marked it on the calendar. The day of her departure became Hug Someone You Love Day.Hug Someone (You Love) Day on February 24, 2015. Join the Facebook group so you can enjoy all the reports and photos of hugs from around the world!

It’s even printed right there on our official calendar – and it’s a Facebook event with over a hundred people already joined (can we make it over 230??). I bet you’re ready to join us!

It’s a day for us to remember. A time for us to pause and feel the deepness of love and grief, the sadness and joy that flow through us because of our time with the Beautiful Diva.

And it’s a day for all of us to make it all about love. Do something wonderful – no matter how small – to give love that much more power.

When love wins – we all win

Hug someone you love today. Take a picture of it. Share it with us.

Let’s show the world how much love there is.

Help us show the world that Love Wins!

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2 Responses to Remembering Diva | Hug Someone You Love Day

  1. Tonja Davis February 25, 2015 at 7:40 am #

    When I lost my dear Midnight, I sequestered myself for three days and I don\’t think I stopped crying for most of it. I\’ve recovered and I still think fondly of Midnight and his brother Malkin, but I still remember -starkly – those days of grief. I escaped into World of Warcraft for 3 full days and when I was done grieving, put it down and have not picked it up since. I think pets teach us something about love and grief that we may not find elsewhere. I hope your day of hugs was filled with joy and hugs 🙂

  2. Christy Thompson February 27, 2015 at 7:14 am #

    What a beautiful post. I\’ve lost many a beloved fur child, and the pain is always just below the surface. Meow was my soul mate kitty. She died about 5 years ago, and any thought of it still makes me cry. I love how you\’ve chosen to turn the pain of your loss into a positive, uplifting event. I send you a big hug!

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