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Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of bees in Russian Sage flowers with the message to us to Share Joy

October 2013 Free Shared Shaman’s Choice Session

Following the prompts of the Butterfly Resonance Images, for my birthday Oct 10 2013, we’ll share joy and send healing in a free Shared Shaman’s Choice Session.

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Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of yellow iris against a near black background with the message to Let It Flow.

Let Go and Let It Flow – A Story of Two Pendulums

With energy this powerfully tuned, you may not want to mess with someone else’s Gratitude Tarot Pendulum. Butterfly Resonance Images: Let Go and Let It Flow.

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Butterfly Resonant Image | Breathe. Yellow rose bathed in warm sun gently held in green leaves. Macro photo by Teresa Deak.

Butterfly Resonant Images: They may not show butterflies, but they transmit their energy

Butterfly Resonance Images. A new moniker for the photos Teresa Deak shares. They transmit the energy and messages of butterflies through Beauty and Wonder.

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One of my beliefs: we are here to experience joy.

Memoir of an Alien Princess. My origin story.

Macro photo of mating yellow butterflies in partial shadow. We are here for joy and other beliefs from an alien princess grown into butterfly oracle.

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