October 2013 Free Shared Shaman’s Choice Session

Squeeeeeeee! This week it’s my birthday! Yay! We get to celebrate another spin around the sun!

I’ve always loved my birthday – always loved the sweet loving gestures from near and far.

Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of bees in Russian Sage flowers with the message to us to Share JoyAlways loved to be so seen for that one day. (and, if I’m lucky, a whole week of celebration!)

Always loved the anticipation that anything can happen.

And, to be honest, I’m kind of a fan of presents, too.

My birthday is one of my favouritest days of the year.

This year for my birthday I’m going to celebrate out loud!

When I started doing my Shared Shaman’s Choice Sessions, I knew I wanted to offer one session for free each month.

I want each free session to be all that the other sessions are and more: A combination of the healing and uplifting practices for the participants and a combining of our healing energy to send out to someone / someplace in the world that most needs it.

Isn’t my birthday the perfect day for it?

Let’s do this together! You get the benefit of the energy work, and the world gets the benefit of our combined energy.

Win + win = WIN

Sign up below to be included in the special free day this month. October 10 at 10 am Pacific time.

Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of orange and yellow rose laden with rain drops with the message to send healing.Rather than a Touch Word for your own intention, instead suggest a beneficiary. Who would you like to receive this energy from us? Perhaps the people affected by a natural disaster, a tragedy, illness or a political situation.

On the morning of my birthday, I will decide where our bright energy will be focused. I’ll check your suggestions, I’ll check the news, I’ll check with my pendulum.

I may choose to send healing to the hearts in Washington to help them be opened enough to seek a resolution – something that may help hundreds of thousands of people return to their lives and may help reduce the insecurity so many people around the world are feeling because of the situation. That’s where my heart is right now, anyway.

I will announce who the beneficiary is before the session starts.

The session will be on October 10, my birthday, at 10 am Pacific time.

One of my favourite things about the Shared Shaman’s Choice Sessions is that your energy will be there, even if you can’t be. If you’re busy in your day, don’t worry, you’re still part of it. You’ll receive a link to the write up of the whole session shortly after it is done.

Many participants have felt the benefits even when they have not had a chance to pause and notice during the session. And, often, they feel even more when they read the posts.

So, sign up! Tell your friends! Share it everywhere you can think of!

Let’s turn this day of celebration into a day of healing and bright energy for everyone!

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Read more about Shared Shaman’s Choice Sessions here.

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