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Soul Mandala with the essence of everything, because that's what is sacred. Everything.

Accepting That Everything Is Sacred

Everything is sacred. One day this thought landed in my heart, as if whispered there by the Infinite. I had heard this before, of course, but I had questioned it. You see, love and joy and beauty were easy to see as sacred. But how could pain and suffering, anger and frustration, worry and sadness […]

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Mandala written with kaleidoscope wands with the glows with the essence of Seeking Sacred. Mandala created by Teresa Deak.

In Search Of Sacred – What We Seek Is Already Here

We are all in search of Sacred, yet she is always within us. Perhaps it is feeling that connection with the Divine that we crave. May our spiritual practices bring us this feeling over and over again.

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Energetic Images What we see feeds us. Beauty nourishes our souls. It has the power to lift us, to calm us, to change our perspective. The images I create are here for you – for your soul. May they be food for your soul and joyous eye candy. AllRock Star SessionsFun For Fun’s SakeCasting ButterfliesEssence […]

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Teresa Deak – Home

May You Feel The Ease the Butterflies breathe into your heart Of Light And Butterflies This is a place of Light and Butterflies. A place where we follow Beauty and Wonder to awaken the Divine within us. We see Beauty in all things and especially in small things. We let ourselves be lifted by what we […]

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