Release Ritual In The Flow Of Trust

Macro photo white peony embracing blue sky, receiving and releasing is the flow of breath of the Universe.ritual can be
so much
or so

it may be
tiny gestures
or grand
complex processes

it may be filled
with historical

or delicately
with curiosity

there is

my way


an open window
letting spring’s first breeze

another window
open to release
the breeze
and all it has gathered

Macro photo white anemone flowers back to back against dark green foliage.whatever is no longer
whatever is no longer

released to the air
to the ether
to the Universe

leaving room in my heart
for breath
and light
and love to flow

like tiny drips
from a faucet
not quite closed
understanding arrives

are one in the same
no need for time
and space
to insinuate between them

only my human mind
desperate to always know
tries to separate them

my heart knows
releasing and receiving
as one flow
of trust

of accepting that
all is as it is
all is sacred and perfect

and breath
is all we need

We get to choose. In ritual, as in life, how mindful we are. How fully aware we are, how wholly present.

The sacred is there whether we show reverence or not. The Divine does not take hiatus because our thoughts are mired in worry, or distracted by shiny things.

There’s nothing we need to know before we experience the fullness of her.

As we immerse ourselves in the Beauty of the Universe, as we surrender our hearts to trust, love flows through us. Love wins.

Today I did a wonderful clearing with a group we gathered together for support during Mercury retrograde. A full offering will be coming by the time the next one rolls around. My next Shared Shaman’s Choice Session is Monday March 10 – sign up for free to receive and release with the help of the butterflies.

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  1. marilyn parel March 17, 2014 at 6:09 am #

    How right your are. We do get to choose how mindful we are. Enjoyed the post.

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