Of Energy And Ghosts – The Grand Release

Forgive me for sounding trite about it, but energy clearing has changed my life.

Even as spirit, Diva is a comfort and a catalyst for transformation. She accompanies me on Butterfly LuminAwesomety clearings and has been known to calm a ghost into feeling ready to release.

The work I do helps others find ease and peace and calm. It helps them reach clarity. It helps them work through tough situations with their heart supported.

And I get a little dollop of all of that healing each time I clear for someone.

Translate that into energy clearing that goes beyond the personal into the spaces around us – and my heart is overflowing. These Butterfly LuminAwesomety clearings are rich and deep and over-the-moon wonderful.

Not only do I get to help the people who are living in the space, sometimes I encounter spirits and ghosts that I can also help along the way.

It’s the grand release and it’s nothing like in the movies.

Each experience has been so different, so unique – just like the people and homes I work with.

One ghost was shy and cleared long after the house was cleared.

One was a spirit who was there because the family needed to work through trauma.

One ghost had quietly waited in a seldom used room for months. When I finally cleared the home, he saw all the nice and shiny energy moving and happily cleared.

All very matter of fact.

No drama. No fireworks. No dark portals to the other world.

Not yet, anyway.

Just last week I met the ghost of an elderly man. He was confused about being dead, about the people in his home – even though he thinks they are quite lovely.

I invited Diva over to sit with him a bit while we talked about his situation and what could happen next. He sat and petted Diva while we talked. Eventually the calm and ease flowed into him, replacing the sadness at leaving his well-loved property and home.

As he made that decision to move on, I could feel his relief and gratitude and love all tumble out of my eyes while he and Diva walked to the other side.

In all of these beautiful stories of release and transformation, the families who lived with them felt the ghosts were there.

Perhaps you know someone who feels there is a ghost in their home?

Perhaps that someone is you?

In Butterfly LuminAwesomety clearings, our focus is clearing all of the energies that may be having negative effects on you, and on bringing your home to that energetically nourishing state that you live best in.

We don’t chase the ghosts away, we let them see the beautiful possibilities and let them decide on their own. And so far they all have.

Yes, this is special work in which my butterflies, Godiva and Diva are all equal partners. In which energy shifts and space opens up. In which clarity reveals herself and breath becomes sweet again.

In which your heart and home can feel more awesome.

Who wouldn’t want a little more of that?

Read more about Butterfly LuminAwesomety, and other ways to Work With Me.

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