Revealed: Two of Kindness

Two of Kindness

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Macro photo of green leaf pointing to angels trumpet flower. Gratitude Tarot card Two of Kindness: hold and release breathe deeply in the same love.

            in this holding fast
      there is letting go

hold and release

         breathe deeply
in the same love

here the sacred dances
                  with abandon
the profane
                  breathes stillness
the intimately small
                  opens the way to

the Infinite

                                                         there is a spark
                        where dream meets action
            where jagged edges caress gentle curves
where whispers bellow

where my bright knowing

                                                         unlocks my soul

and here
         is where

I find you

In this duality self-doubt lingers. Paradox can be a beautiful balance
with a kind thought to both sides. Listen to the whispers of your heart 
to unlock the hidden solution.

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  1. Square-Peg Karen July 7, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    Gorgeous – the card, the words, the delightful and brilliant folks I find myself in company with here. Thank you, Teresa – for ALL you do! <3

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