Revealed: The Emperor

The Emperor

Macro photo of chrome car grill. Gratitude Tarot card The Emperor: around my pulsing vibrant heart is a whole structure, a framework of the rational.

around the juicy center
            of life’s bright lights

of my pulsing vibrant heart

                        that feeds joy and breath and life itself

                        is a whole structure

a framework of the rational

         rules and patterns and organization
   stand guard

in this space

                           the       places          between
                              lines and deliberate curves
                  and staid notions

there is room

  for prayer
        for wild originality
              for championing love
                    for being exactly who we are

designed upon sameness
           on what is known
                 the sureness of these rules

holds a steady place for Beauty

                          for even my heart
                 with its brilliant fire

must beat to the rules

of all hearts

Courage and success lead from their seat in structure and rules. Organization 
and a rational mind co-exist with a giving and open heart.

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