Naming Magic – The Helpers Invite Numbers Over To Play

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These spiritual helpers of mine have so many gorgeous faces and help me in so many ways.

There is a richness in turning to them to feed my heart.

I relish the beautiful insights they bring and the soft shifts of focus.

Their essence of beauty can soften my heart into ease and peace.

With gentle nudges and butterfly hues, they help open my heart and bring clarity to messages from the Divine.

These beautiful nudges take the form of butterflies, energy clearings, Butterfly Resonance Images, Gratitude Tarot cards, Essence Mandalas, runes, Steampunk Tarot cards, Crystal Guidance cards, Robin Wood Tarot cards, my ever-present pendulum, and a growing family of lovely crystals and talismans.

Yes, these are exactly the helpers I share with you when we are working together.

These are sometimes the helpers I consult to help me with decisions, even.

I’m always befriending new helpers, and enjoy finding the ways they can be of help to me and to you.

And I love connecting with other people who work magic (and magick) in their own ways. My dear friend Charlene has many magick ways and also often consults numerology for some of her guidance.

She inspired me.

As I prepare to reveal to you my new awesome thing, there are a lot of details to finalize.

Awesome needs descriptions, a name, a platform, a price.

Is it any surprise that I’m turning to my helpers to clarify each of these?

How fun, yet frustrating it was looking for names! I wanted to be clever, to invent new words, to play with words and letters in bright and fun ways.

Sometimes that magic works. This time it didn’t.

I needed naming magic.

Names have another essence layer I had been missing: their numerological value.

I believe there is something to this numerological essence – that it is going to be an undercurrent and a presence in the person or thing that is named.

Just like so many other energetic things, even when we don’t realize it, we’ll be picking up on that essence, and it will colour how we experience the thing.

Using an online numerology calculator, I checked a lot of different names and name combinations. Most of the values were okay enough, but none of them were just jumping at me with the bright delight I was seeking.

Until I got really simple.

When I tried simple descriptive names, I began to see the magic: Master numbers!

The Master Numbers (44, 22, 11, …) possess a higher spiritual plane than single digit numbers. They are highly charged…

When I named Butterfly LuminAwesomety, the fact that it is a master number 99 – Master of World Improvement & Universal Love – sealed the deal.

And now I had two more big things to name. And the lovely master numbers 44 – Master of Inner Knowledge & Abundance – and 77 – Master of Intuition & Divine Wisdom – graced the names I decided upon.

What a joy to have found simple, descriptive names that carry such powerful strong essence.

And it was fun – so I had to check a few more names!

Turns out ‘Cuda is master number 11 – Master of Illumination, while Diva is 9 – Selflessness, Humanitarian.

I can feel their essence in my life and my world. Are you ready to feel their essence, too?

Watch for the reveal of Awesome when the New Moon is in Capricorn!

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